Application Licensing, Lack of Expertise are Obstacles To Euro-Virtualisation Says IDC

A report published by International Data Corporation (IDC) singled out software licensing as one of the main reasons why virtualisation is not experiencing a much bigger growth in Europe.

Half of the severs bought in the European market are expected to be virtualised this year, up by a third from 2007 with more than half of non-virtualised organisations surveyed hoping to join the fray by end 2009.

Speaking on the survey results, IDC analyst Chris Ingle commented "Virtualisation use has exploded since our last survey of the European market, Both large organisations and smaller businesses are using the technology for a wider range of applications and for business-critical projects."

The complexity of software licensing was singled out as one obstacle which prevented virtualisation from becoming more commonplace; licensing, IDC found, did not meet the demands of 25 percent of companies which have implemented virtualisation.

Expertise and Skills were also identified as two big barriers to the adoption of virtualisation

Unsurprisingly, Microsoft still leads the pack when it comes to Virtualisation and its latest Hyper-V solution will certainly cement its position.