AVG Solves Its Fake Traffic Scan Problem

The virus scanning software by AVG, which apparently caused fake traffic logs on websites, has finally been fixed.

AVG the security company had released its new antivirus software in February with a new feature that told the user of the malwares on a site even before entering the site.

What the software did was that it went through the various websites generated on a search engine disguised as the user's IP address and checked for malwares, however the method caused massive chaos, as the logs of the websites registered the scan as a user and it became difficult for the website's administrators to single out the fake traffic from the real.

As 20 million people around the world use AVG, the flaw caused some serious problems as the websites accumulated fake statistics and in some cases the websites experiences an increase in their bandwidth price.

In order to fix its problem AVG is launching a new version of its antivirus software on the 9th of July, which does not have the pre scanning tool and in addition a patch to the problem has already been deployed.

The new patch just tells of the malicious websites to the users instead of checking all websites for their authenticity.