IT Sector Shrugs Recession As Demand For Professionals Bucks Trend Of Economic Decline

Whilst many sectors of the UK jobs market are feeling the economic pinch, the demand for high level IT professionals is set to increase over the next decade according to the IT and Telecoms Insights 2008 Employment Forecast.

The report, produced by e-skills UK, predicts that the average employment growth per annum in the IT sector to 2016 will be 2.5%, compared to only 0.5% in the UK workforce overall.

The effects are being felt in the recruitment sector as companies strive to fulfil a steadily increasing demand.

Research suggests that IT based careers are better protected from the effects of the current economic uncertainty.

With 1 in 20 of Britain’s workforce employed in the IT and telecoms industries, it seems unlikely, even with the poor outlook for businesses, that unemployment will become the issue it was in the mid 1980s.

Instead, some experts predict that many people will switch professions and go where the work is – namely into the IT sector.

A recent recruitment study shows that the high demand for IT professionals has put upward pressure on IT salaries with wages for permanent IT positions rising by over 4% in the last year.

This increase means that the average annual wage for IT professionals now stands at £34,217.