LG KC550 Now Available – Top End Camera, Low End Price

The LG KC550 is a high spec handset featuring a 5 mega pixel camera at an affordable price.

Sporting a Schneider-Kreuznach lens and image processor the KC550 takes exceptionally stunning photo’s putting more expensive handsets to shame.

The standard auto-focus option together with an image stabiliser & SmartPic are present in the KC550 along with Bluetooth (stereo), a microSD memory card slot, MP3 player and FM radio.

A built in video and photo editing program lets you adjust basic aspects of your photo’s and videos, while the TV out lets you connect your phone to a TV and watch everything on the big screen.

The only real let down with the KC550 is the lack of 3G connectivity, it supports GSM only.

In addition, the KC550 features a motion controlled gaming function, called "M-Toy", which reacts to the handset's movements.

By simply tilting or rotating the handset, you can throw darts, hook a fish or navigate a maze. Use it with the TV out and it turns the KC550 into a mini games console, impressive for any phone, but especially impressive for a phone at this price.

See this video for a detailed review of the LG KC550.

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