O2 Sells Out All its 3G Pre-ordered iPhone Stock In Seven Hours

In excess of 200,000 UK O2 iPhone customers have pre-registered to get their hands on the red-hot 3G Apple iPhone which will be on sale on Friday, 10 times more than the initial iPhone according to some.

The surge in the traffic to O2 website caused the site to stutter and ultimately crash out; this however did not prevent O2 from selling its entire stock of pre-ordered iPhones by 3PM.

According to the Telegraph, Carphone Warehouse, the other official iPhone e-tailer, was also hit by a number of technical glitches when it launched its own pre-order section for the 3G iPhone.

But O2 competitors question whether the Telefonica-owned company is not restricting supply in order to amplify the buzz and create an artificial stock crisis.

They point to the fact that O2 used a similar technique to attract high profile music artists like Prince at the O2 Arena.

The new 3G iPhone will feature an inbuilt GPS and an exclusive application store which will allow developers to flog their vetted software to millions.