PC World Gets One Up On Asus With Its New Atom Based 10 Inch Laptop

When Asus launched its Eee PC 901 with Intel's Atom Processor, everyone was looking forward to Asus's 10inch netbook version with the Atom processor, however it seems that PC World has beat Asus to it with its new netbook Advent 4211.

The Advent 4211 can now claim to be the first Atom based netbook.

Ever since the launch of Eee PC 901, rumors were floating about a new netbook by Asus that has all the features of the Eee PC 901 laptop including the Intel Atom processor but was smaller, sleeker, and cheaper, however Asus launched its Eee PC 904 which did not have the Atom Processor.

Due to the intense competition even Acer has come up with a competitor to Eee PC 901 with its Aspire One model, which is smaller and more inexpensive than the model by Asus.

However, beating them all is the Advent 4211 priced at just GBP 279.99 with features like 10 inch screen and a Windows XP operating system, it also has a 1GB in memory and a 80GB Hard Disk along with Wifi support that makes the portability experience complete.

Nonetheless, with the launch of the 10inch Asus's Eee PC 1000 containing the Intel Atom processor in the next few days, the market is really going to heat up with anticipation for better things to come.

Those who wish to buy the Advent 4211 can do so at PCWorld.co.uk