Security vs Civil Liberties

There are some who would want to remove the anoymity of the internet to help protect against cyber crime. In other words, create a specific ID, that identifies anyone no matter what device they log on at and where they log on,

Combine this system with full auditing capabilities would mean that no matter where someone logs on, there woule be a methodology of being able to track and verify where and who people are. By enabling this system it would make life incredibly difficult for the bad guys or would it? Although this is in itself a noble idea as security people we should be ever mindful that we are here to enable people.

With the loss of anomity there may be a lot of truth and views that will not get published. People may no longer visit certain sites for research lest they be branded criminals, effective research may be reduced plus many many other reasons. Some even feel that this would be yet another invasion of their civil liberties. Perhaps the following really expresses the opposing view.

  • Would you close ALL the roads because a minority use them for criminal acts?
  • Would you eliminate the telephone and postal networks because a minority use them for criminal acts?
  • Would you eliminate the use of speech because a minority use it for criminal acts?
  • Would you advocate shooting everyone in the head because a minority perpetrate criminal acts?

"Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither" - Benjamin Franklin