What's a contactless card?

It's a reflection, I think, of Visa and MasterCard effectively leaving the UK behind in the contactless payment card stakes, with the results of a poll of UK citizens out this week showing that 88 per cent of us haven't heard of the card system.

On top of that, says CPP, which surveyed around 2,200 punters for its research, three quarters of people said they were afraid of the technology.

Why? Because - as I've said before (dogmatic mode -on) it's inherently insecure, that's why.

(Dogmatic mode -off).

Geoff Barker, CPP's head of contactless payments said that APACS has forecast there will be five million contactless cards in circulation by the end of the year, so people had better get used to the technology.

Will they? I doubt it. I think consumer apathy and security worries could make contactless payment cards a minority sport in the UK - outside of London, anyways - for some time to come...