Barclays claims zero fraud amongst first million card readers

Barclays has made the interesting claim of experiencing no fraud whatsoever amongst a million users of its Gemalto card readers, who use the devices to secure their e-banking sessions.

According to newswire reports, the bank started doling out the readers in July of last year, since when around half of its e-punters have started using the devices to authenticate themselves.

Interestingly, Gemalto says that user acceptance of the readers was around 30 per cent higher than anticipated, although the manufacturer isn't saying what it was expecting to see as a real percentage.

Myself, having used one of the devices, I think they're a bit cumbersome for typical day-to-day use, so I suspect that a number of PINsentry users ended up using other cards for their online purchases.

As a sweetener for the full-scale rollout of the devices, Barclays has just announced plans to offer its e-banking customers a free copy of Kaspersky's IT security software.

Hmmm - I think Barclays is being a bit too heavy-handed in rolling out its card reader devices and it could lose out in the longer term as customers either don't use their Barclays cards for online purchases.

Mind you, the fraud savings may counter that loss..