DreamWorks And Intel Forge Partnership To Improve Cartoon Factory

DreamWorks Animation has decided to collaborate with Intel to use its high performance chips to create groundbreaking 3D animation.

The future of animation looks bright as DreamWorks Animation has decided to use Intel’s technology to take animation one step further.

DreamWorks is to use Intel’s visual computing tools and products to produce animated movies in stereoscopic 3D, and to help DreamWorks, Intel is producing high end chips with multiple processing cores and renovating its existing applications for the present processors.

The DreamWorks animated movie Monsters vs Alien is set to be the first DreamWorks movie that is to use Intel’s technology throughout the film making process.

Previously DreamWorks had been under contract to use the processors and technology from AMD, it was only in its last film Kung Fu Panda did DreamWorks use Intel’s technology.

The 3D animation that DreamWorks wants to achieve requires complicated technology to deliver the final product.

With Intel, DreamWorks hopes to reach the Holy Grail of animation when the animator can actually see the outcome of his efforts in real time rather than waiting a day, as it is usually done.

Intel on the other hand, considers the deal as a chance to tests its visual computing products.

Whatever the reason maybe one thing is for sure that animation by DreamWorks is going to be of the finest quality.

That said, future developments from AMD and Nvidia in the field of GPGPU could mean that Intel's success could be short lived.