FIRST Program Chair: Podcast

Over the last few years, the FIRST conference program has been evolving in order to help CERT teams and corporations around the world keep abreast of the threat landscape and to enable corporations to share their information in a secure environment (what is said at FIRST remains at FIRST).

As a result the 2009 program has further evolved to include some exciting new features based built on the innovations of the last few FIRST conferences.

Here are some of the last few years' innovations (apologies if I haven't mentioned them all - as I know the folks at FIRST work very hard on a voluntary basis to bring you many of these features):-

  • Podcasts and continuous news updates for people haven’t managed to attend the event and to update the world wide community about some of the fun goings on at FIRST.
  • Vendor evening (fondly known as beer and gear for the free and gear such as T-shirts, I guess).

Geek Zone – need a rest from the conference, then play Guitar Hero or play bowling on the Hui or any other amusement afforded by the supported by the entertainment systems. (Wonder what we might see from the country that is practically the founder of modern day entertainment systems).

  • Defend the Flag – a new training methodology that gets participants to compete against each other to see who can best protect their systems from different attacks. Points are given for each component that remains unaffected after the attack is launched.
  • A monetary prize competition on different aspects of security. See for details of the recent competition.

In this short podcast with 2008 and 2009 FIRST Program Chairs, Reneaué Railton and Mick Creane, you can learn about how you can influence the program structure, get the best speakers, the best topics and the best networking events. In addition, they share a few hints about things to come.

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Special thanks to Ghostbrain for providing the backing music to this podcast.