MEPs Backs the New Telecom Amendments

Despite resistance from several Digital Rights Groups, the Members of European Parliament (MEPs) have voted in favour of new amendments in telecom laws, which are proposed to check illicit file sharing across internet.

MEPs have stated that the new amendments will prove to be valuable in protecting user’s rights, and denied any intentions of throwing the file-sharers off the internet.

The campaigners are apprehended that these amendments would bring out the famous “three strikes policy” into play, which would be used by music companies to forbid the online file-sharers.

Efforts for curbing the illegal file sharing across peer-to-peer networks are already being employed in UK, as British Phonographic Industry (BPI) is tracking the file sharing sites and passing the information to ISPs.

These amendments will allow ISPs to track its subscribers, and send warning letters to those who are suspected of sharing the copyrighted content.

The final vote on the issue will take place on 3rd September in European Parliament.