Peers Committee Reports Slow Progress in Tackling UK Cybercrime

A Report from House of Lords Committee on Science and Technology has revealed that the UK government is responding rather slowly to instances of cybercrime that are cropping out throughout the country.

Though the committee has acknowledged that the government is now much more attentive and responsive, primarily due to heavy losses incurred in recent past, but the progress is still not up to the mark.

In its previous report, the House of Lords Committee has already condemned the government’s “Wild West” approach of leaving internet security up to individual, and thus increased the vulnerability of online data; however, the charges were largely rejected by the ministers.

The recent report suggested that the mechanism of reporting internet fraud should be made more customer-friendly, and they should allow going directly to police for any such fraud, instead of going through the bank.

The committee also maintained that the banks should accept the liability of refunding in case of monetary losses due to internet fraud.

Emphasizing bank’s responsibility towards online fraud victim, Committee’s Chairman, Lord Sutherland, who presented the report, has urged the need for a new legislation for protecting customers against online theft, and stressed that the banks should become more proactive in providing security solutions to their clients.