Sony Finally Upgrades Its Micro Memory Card To 8GB

Sony Ericsson has come up with its 8GB memory card for its mobile phone users but for most it is too little too late.

Rival mobile phone manufacturers have already introduced their 8GB mobile phone memory cards eons ago.

Nevertheless, the M2 having 8GB of memory is good news for all Sony Ericsson customers who were till now stuck with seemingly obsolete 4GB memory cards.

Sony Ericsson users can rejoice as they can click 5,000 five megapixel images, listen to 2,000 MP3 tracks, or shoot 88 hours of Mpeg4 video on their phone with the new 8GB card.

Along with the card, Sony Ericsson users can download Gameloft's Brain Challenge 2.

In addition, bundled up with the memory stick is a USB connector and computer adaptor that makes for easy connection with the computer.

However, the 8GB card comes at a time when SanDisk is already eyeing the 16GB memory card that makes the card obsolete even before it is launched.