T-Mobile to launch Google Android Phone Fairly Soon Say Rumour Mongers

The rumour mills are buzzing again and they say T-Mobile is all set to come out with Google’s Android phone this October when T-Mobile USA goes the 3G way.

Everyone has their eye on the launch of Google’s Android phone; the only problem was that no one knows when it is going to be launched; now it seems that T-Mobile has the answer, maybe.

T-Mobile USA has already started its services on the 3G bandwidth in New York since the month of May and the company has promised to start the services at other cities across USA by the fourth quarter.

In addition to T-Mobile’s 3G debut, speculations are rife that the Android based phone that is due out in the fourth quarter might just get launch when T-mobile introduces its 3G support phones in the fourth quarter.

The best choice for an Android phone is the HTC Dream which will be offered by T-Mobile along with Sony Ericsson Z780, Motorola ZINE ZN5 and a state of the art Samsung camera phone.

However, the spokesperson for T-Mobile has declined to comment on the HTC Dream phone, calling the whole thing a rumour.

Nevertheless, the rumour/hypothesis does hold water as Google itself said that because of the bugs in Android, a phone launch is only possible during the fourth quarter.