WWW Inventor Calls For Endangered Web To Be Protected

The man who invented the world wide web is now calling for it to be preserved as a platform for innovation by keeping it open and free for all.

Tim Berners Lee has exhorted researchers, the public and private sectors to expand and capitalise efficiently on the web's fantastic possibilities.

Speaking yesterday at the launch of the research programme, Berners-Lee said that "The development of the web will have major social, economic and political implications for our future [and] At its core must be a commitment to maintain the principles of openness as a platform for the sharing of information".

Two groups, Nesta, the National Endowment for Science and Technology, and WRSI, the Web Science Research Initiative, are already working together to make sure the quintessence of the world wide web remains.

The partnership, which is partly sponsored by BT, will look into ways to strengthen the WWW as a platform for sharing information and will also consider how the UK can benefit from the web's rocketing expansion.

You can view a video interview that Tim Berners Lee gave to Kylie Morris of Channel 4 here.