Card issuers quietly getting paranoid on international transactions

I'm indebted to Scotland on Sunday for reporting on the fact that large numbers of cardholders are finding their cards being zonked out of commission (that's a technical term -Ed) when they travel into Europe.

According to the paper, whilst the card issuers collectively claim otherwise, there is anecdotal evidence - on a large scale - that suggests card companies are getting trigger happy with almost any cardholder that ventures abroad and has the audacity to use their card to draw cash or buy stuff.

In one group incident, a flotilla of bikers travelling to a rally in Sweden t'other week found their cards being rejected en-masse by petrol stations, eateries and shops as they slowly made their way to the rally.

By the time they reached the rally, all of the cardholders had had their cards zonked.

APACS, meanwhile, says it isn't a concerted action between the card issuers. Yeah - r-r-right. Check out more on this interesting yarn here..