Critical Bug Threatens to Bring Down Internet Globally

The largest security update in the history of internet is taking place following the discovery of a major flaw in the internet.

Dan Kaminsky, a director at IOActive, an American computer security firm has found what can be considered one of the most critical flaws of the internet that could have affected every website that every existed.

The bug is of such importance that major companies like Microsoft and Cisco are hard at work searching for a way to fix it.

The bug is basically related DNS cache poisoning, which can be exploited by any skilled hacker to hijack a person to a website that looks exactly like the website they wanted to visit. These would have allowed hackers to easily gather sensitive information from the hapless internet surfer who thinks that the website is the legitimate one.

Various security companies are rushing to find a solution before computer hackers latch on to the bug and exploit it for phising attacks.

However, there are concerns that any security patch made, might not mitigate the threat as changes need to be made to the DNS protocol to prevent cache poisoning.

Kaminsky is expected to reveal more about the bug at conference on computer security next month.