European Project Managers Lose Nearly 12 hours Per Week

Our study on The Value of an Hour revealed that European project managers and teams are losing approximately 11.9 hours per week due to inefficient management of information, ineffective meetings, poor communications, inept project management and substandard collaboration processes.

The main causes of loss of productivity is due to the high number of redundant tasks in daily information management such as chasing information, consolidating it, evaluating it and then preparing this information to make it usable for your projects.

Even with the various market offerings that promise to alleviate these problems, how many different management tools, software packages, time management workshops do you have to wade through before you find the “holy grail” of increased business productivity? One way comes in the form of business mapping software.

Mindjet makes software that helps people visualise and use information. Its products enable individuals and teams to work smarter, think creatively, and save time every day.