Facebook Replaces Sun On the Beach As Brits Want Internet Everywhere

According to a new survey by YouGov and T-Mobile, Britons want to access internet even at places of relaxation like the beach, the pub and even the backyard.

The previous survey suggested that only 3 percent of workers wanted internet to work on the beach while the current survey suggests that 21 percent want to work on the beach.

According to the survey’s findings, a whopping 44 percent of the subjects think that relaxing is the garden is incomplete without the internet, and 20 percent of the subjects wanted to use Facebook on the beach, while around 8 percent wanted internet at the pub to enjoy.

Another finding from the survey is that mobile broadband is picking up popularity to such a degree that 37 percent the subjects think that the facility for mobile broadband should be there to work from outside the office.

T-Mobile has noticed that more people are signing up for their mobile broadband connection than mobile phones and hence they strongly believe that mobile broadband will take over fixed line broadband by 2010.

However, a note of caution for Britons who want to take the internet on the go; there are some rural areas in UK that are broadband blackspots where there are strong chances of increased rates for mobile broadband usage.