Getty Inks Lucrative Deal With Photography site Flickr

Yahoo’s media-sharing site, Flickr, struck a deal with one of the world’s leading photo library companies, Getty Images, allowing the latter to sell photos of Flickr users through its website.

The move will also be lucrative for Flickr users, as they will get an appropriate commission on each image Getty sells.

As per the deal, Getty will be choosing images of few Flickr users initially, and sell it to its commercial clients, paying required commission to photographers.

Kakul Srivastava, Flickr’s General Manager, said that the deal serves as a testimony to website’s community of photographers, who have influenced the aesthetics of photography with their creative skills and proficiency.

The deal will assist Getty in increasing its stock of region-specific content, and thereby exhibiting a wide range of content to its customers to shop from.

Mentioning the significance of the partnership, Andy Saunders, VP, Creative Imagery for Getty Images, said, “Sometimes the most amazing imagery is more about moments in time and place than it is about technical expertise.”