iPhone 3G marketing disruption kicks in

Trust Apple competitors to try to rain on the iPhone 3G devotees waiting patiently in line. I suppose they are getting their own back for taking away the industries kudos at MWC 2008.

Whilst Nokia are keeping a low profile, some one has sneaked out a few photos, via blackberrysync.com, of BlackBerry’s touch screen phone, Thunder.

Purely coincidental timing of course!

But wait, another rumour has it that the Thunder is still in late alpha development so won’t be available any time soon. Now there’s a surprise!

Microsoft on the other hand decided to have a crack at Apple’s Mobile Me by announcing its own hosted service.

Not only is this opportunistic, but all the other Microsoft Exchange hosting companies must be seething at Microsoft’s misfired disruption ploy.

Of course, this being Wednesday, a new virus has been found for Symbian, the Isexplayer malware.

Though of course to be infected you have to install the sis file and ignore all the warnings that it is an untrusted application and has no security signature etc. Not much of a virus then.

So only another day and a bit to iPhone splendour…