The last 24 Hours : First Apple 3G iPhones Reviews Are In

The first reviews for the iPhones are in as well as what appears to be the first unofficial, apparently original picture of an unboxed iPhone 3G complete with a obscure piece of metal which looks like a ... SIM ejector...

Three Publishing Majors had the chance of trying the 3G iPhone: Walt Mossberg of the WSJ and All Things D, Ed Baig from USA Today and NYTimes' David Pogue.

These three (lucky) reviewers report talking time of up to 270 minutes, which is a third less than the original iPhone while their 3G surfing experience lasted for around 350 minutes. They also reported improved sound quality for phone calls as well as a much louder speaker (good for music, bad for next seat passengers).

There's no need for any adaptor for the headphones as well and they found out that the latest iPhone unsurprisingly appears to set the standard for future Apps integration when paired with the iTunes App Store, all packed in a smaller form factor.

The GPS appears to be working fine, delivering pinpoint accuracy.

But the 3G iPhone is still missing basic features like voice dialling, Flash, Java and WMV support plus an expandable memory slot, MMS and a better camera.

All in all, the phone is better than the original version, and as Ed Baig puts it, it is "worth the wait, but still not perfect".

Meanwhile, a Portuguese Fan from iPhonePortugal has pictures of what appears to be the first iPhone 3G unboxing/pinups.