Microsoft Launches Marketing Blitz, pumps £100 million In Marketing Money to Improve Perception of Vista

Microsoft has debut a number of small but significant moves in order to get more Vista Operating system out of Redmond's factory and improve the way people perceive the company.

It unveiled a new marketing campaign geared towards small and medium businesses on Monday at its worldwide partner dig in Houston; Microsoft Vista Small Business Assurance wants to push prospective customers into adopting the latest Windows OS.

Surprisingly, Microsoft says that making the move to the Windows Vista operating system isn't one of the risks that's part of every small business and promises to give free support, compatibility assistance and one-on-one coaching from Microsoft to "help ensure a smooth transition".

That said, the Vista Compatibility Center has yet to be launched which has prompted comments from some that this is a not so well oiled machinery, currently displaying, "The Windows Vista Compatibility Center will be launching soon, please check back!"

At the same event, Microsoft also acknowledged that Windows Vista had a few problems of its own including a number of incompatibility issues and has pledged USD 200 million in terms of marketing money to improve the general perception that the public has of Microsoft and its Products.

This brings the marketing budget earmarked to rehaul Microsoft's image to a whopping £250 million.