Samsung Introduces Affordable 128GB SSD Disks, Plans Cheapo 256GB soon

Shortly after OCZ introduced a 128GB Solid State Drive for under £250, Samsung is now readying an entry level, low cost 128GB SSDs based on multi-level cell technology.

While this would certainly reduce the price of SSDs, it might have a negative impact on speed and performance; something which Samsung has worked on, to minimize the impact.

Unsurprisingly, since OCZ and Samsung are partners, the Korean Chaebol's disks share more or less the same specifications as the OCZ models, clocking reading speds of 90MBps and writing speeds in excess of 70MBps.

These speeds are slower than single level cells used on more expensive SSDs and under par when compared to Western Digital Traditional Velociraptor's range.

Life expectancy as well as power consumption are also on par with the OCZ model with a quoted mean time before failure of 100 years while consuming as low as 0.5w when in use and less than half that when idle.

The 128GB model will be available both in 1.8-inch SATAII model and in a 2.5-inch format, destined to equip laptops.

Samsung has also announced a cheaper 64GB model SSD with a more expensive 256GB model coming up later this year and has yet to provide with prices and delivery dates.