3G iPhone Launch Reaches Fever Pitch As Phone Reaches £645 on Ebay

Maybe this time around, the fact that most aficionados already own one iPhone (the first generation) meant that not many queued outside Apple's Mothership Store in Regent Street. At 2000GMT on Thursday, there were only a couple of hardcore fans.

But as the buzz grows on, there has been several reports about long queues being formed elsewhere and as tens of thousands eagerly await for courier companies to deliver theirs, you can gauge the level of demand by peeping online on Ebay.

The auctioneer is offering several 3G iPhones, some of them have already reached £450 at the time of writing with some sellers flogging brand new unlocked versions for a stonking £645 from Germany by buying it now.

Meanwhile Pocket-lint is reporting that prospective purchasers of the 3G iPhone could be in for a long wait, up to four hours as staff check credit history and process contracts on a per-person basis.

Trustedreviews also wrote that the iPhone dev Team have already managed to crack wide open the brand new iPhone Firmware 2.0, which some had said was uncrackable.