Apple iPhone – more scrap in drawers?

With queues forming all over the world, and a sell out on O2 and Carphone Warehouse web sites, the iPhone 3G is already a tremendous success.

The images from Japan, courtesy of, all show blacked out eyes of those queuing, out of embarrassment perhaps?

With the vast number iPhones being sold there is going to be much more toxic scrap floating around.

According to a Nokia survey of 6,500 people, only 3% of us bother to recycle their handsets, 4% throw theirs into landfill, leaving an astonishing 93% storing them in drawers, garages or passing the duds on to family.

At some point the disposal of these billions of handsets must be dealt with, but the pace of technological change and, especially, fashion, means that a solution must be found, and urgently.