Apple Releases MobileMe Software for Download

Apple is soon expected to launch its wireless syncing and online storage service, MobileMe, which will replace its existing .Mac service.

In order to launch MobileMe services, the company has taken offline on Wednesday night, assuring users that the new services will be available as soon as possible.

The launch is still underway and is expected to be launched in tandem with the much hyped iPhone on 11th July.

Apple describes iPhone compatible MobileMe as “Exchange for the rest of us”, and it not only works with iPhone’s contact applications, mails and calendars, but it also facilitates in working with iCal, Address Book, and Mails on the Mac and Outlook on PC.

The service can also be used in storing and sharing images, videos and other files wirelessly, and users will be able to manage their accounts via using any web-connected device.

After the official launch .Mac users will automatically get transferred to new the service and the service will cost around $99 annually for users.