Gold'en Rant : It's not just arrogance, It's Microsoft arrogance

I finally succumbed over the weekend just gone and replaced the last of my Windows XP machines with a Vista system and was feeling more than a little sad at the time.

That sadness turned to anger after I started seeing reports of a speech made by Brad Brooks, corporate vice president of Windows Consumer Products, at Microsoft's worldwide partner conference in Houston on Tuesday.

"There are a lot of myths around Windows Vista. We know the story is very different than what our competitors would like us to think," he said, adding that Microsoft is working an advertising program that retaliates against "noisy competitors,"

In a clear reference to Apple, Brooks told his audience that, whilst the industry thinks that the sleeping giant is still sleeping, it has now woken up and wants to get the true message of Vista across.

It's clear from Brooks' comments that Microsoft is planning a multi- million dollar advertising campaign for Vista. And, unless I'm much mistaken, it's going to try and rubbish the Apple Mac OS operating system along the way.

The story has it's parallels with US politics. When US politicians run out of positive things to say about themselves, they start rubbishing the competition. And these types of campaigns rarely succeed.

The reason? The voting US public ain't that stupid. Likewise with Vista. The computer user community ain't that stupid.
Vista is in trouble. It's getting on for 18 months old and business users simply aren't upgrading because of the compatibility issues.

But guess what? Brooks admitted as such in his speech but he also claims that Microsoft created Vista with customer's best interests at heart. "Yes, the changes did cause a lot of pain. But customers are starting to see benefits," he said.

I don't see many benefits. What I do see is an inferior operating system that Microsoft has foisted on its consumer user base. Business users won't knuckle down so easily. They'll wait for Windows 7 when it arrives in 2010.

In the meantime I'll soldier on angrily with Vista, as well as dual-booting my Dell XPS laptop with Leopard, the latest Mac OS - and yes, it does run on an Intel dual core processor.

There's arrogance, and there's Microsoft arrogance, as witnessed by Brooks' comments this week. Good job it was a friendly crowd...