Ofcom Beefs Up Its Complaints Handling Procedure System

UK’s Office of Communication (Ofcom), has announced major transformations in its complaint handling procedure.

Ofcom has admitted that varied rules for different companies are unnecessarily making the process more complicated, and it is planning to enforce uniform code of conduct for each company.

The telecom watch-dog has come up with several key propositions to simplify the process, as it shortens the duration after which the complaint can go through the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process.

As of now, in order to invoke ADR process, the complaint should either run for 12 weeks or the concerned communication provider (CP) has issued “deadlock letter”.

As per the new proposal, ADR scheme will accept a complaint 8 weeks after the complaint is first lodged, or earlier if the deadlock letter is released.

Ofcom has mandated that every CP must be a member of one or both the ADR schemes- Communication and Internet Services Adjudication Scheme (CISAS) or Otelo, and CPs are charged for every case taken up by ARD.

To assess performances regularly, proposed plans also require the companies to maintain records of complaints for 15 months, negligence of which could penalised the offender with a fine up to 10 percent of their annual turnover.