Sainsbury’s Website Shuts Down As Thieves Cash On Metal Cables

The popular grocery website of Sainsbury’s experienced a suspension of activities because of theft at its internet provider, Cable and Wireless’s in Watford.

The theft is mainly attributed to metal thieves who are believed to have been trying to steal copper wires, as copper is of high value in the scrap market.

Key equipments were stolen at Watford as a result various other affiliates to Cable and Wireless’s services were also affected.

Because of the technical problems with their internet provider no customer was able to get through to the grocery website for at least half a day, however no customer delivery has been affected.

Previously, in the month of June, the Sainsbury’s website experienced a shutdown due to internet outage, the incident affected many customers who were later given 10 pound coupons as compensation.

Sainsbury’s has made it clear that the two shutdowns are not related; however the recent shutdown has at least cost two million pounds to the grocery giant which is a fact that cannot be ignored.