Survey Reports Rise in DVD Piracy in UK As One in Three Brits Indulge in Illegal Copying

According to a study conducted by the analyst firm Futuresource Consulting, as many as 38 percent of Brits have admitted the use of pirated DVDs in past six months.

The level of DVD piracy in UK is slightly higher than the US, where 32 percent of users have copied DVDs, survey reported.

The study revealed that despite several efforts by government and film industry, DVD piracy is mounting, and the number of people copying DVDs has registered a significant rise of over 10 percent, than last year.

The survey accused males aged between 18 to 24 years as the main culprits of DVD piracy, and found that movies are the most copied material, followed by TV shows.

Almost 30 percent of copies have been made from rented DVDs, whereas most of the DVDs are copied from the purchased ones, study disclosed.

The report said, “As studio revenues from DVD are in decline, protecting revenues is even more vital than 12 months ago.”

The drop in the prices of blank disk and DVD drives as well as the prevalence of stand alone DVD recorders could be amongst some of the reasons why Piracy is growing.