Teleportation Between Virtual Worlds Now Possible As Linden Partners With IBM

Linden Lab the creator of Second Life virtual world, along with IBM have successfully tried out teleportation of avatars from Second life to the OpenSim virtual world server.

Second Life is popular virtual world where a person can actually lead a second life as an avatar, but now there seems to be a possibility that the Second Life avatars can explore more than just their virtual world.

Linden labs have created avatars that can teleport to OpenSim virtual world server of IBM.

This move is monumental in the evolution of virtual worlds; it can be assumed that further development of this technology can actually give the users of one virtual world the chance to explore many other affiliated virtual worlds.

This connectivity allows virtual businesses to flourish as larger inflows of customers can be expected.

In addition, various other avenues like education, collaboration, socialization can also thrive in such conditions.

However a minor flaw was seen during the teleportation; the avatars that teleported did not have the clothes of their previous virtual world on them, that is they arrived naked.

The new feature that allows users to teleport between virtual worlds is still not launched as such, but the successful tests make the future of virtual worlds more optimistic.