Yahoo Presents Open Source Search Through BOSS

Yahoo, in its bid to improve the conditions of search industry has made its search technology open source

After its deal with Google, Yahoo has made another extraordinary move, Yahoo Search has gone open source with its ranking and relevancy algorithms, crawling and indexing, and powerful infrastructure.

This is big news for start ups and developers who can use Yahoo’s technology to create search engines to compete with other search engines including Yahoo.

The open source system is called Build Your Own Search Service or BOSS.

BOSS unlocks the turf for developers and various companies to change the search market and create new web search sites that offer more alternatives to the users.

Google and Microsoft already allow their users to make customized searches but they do not open up their search algorithms to the developers.

Yahoo claims that BOSS will allow people to innovate web search. It is strongly believed that BOSS would be of great help in the healthcare sector and social search engines.

Already two search sites me.dium and hakia have joined up with Yahoo’s BOSS.

Going open source has many benefits for Yahoo as its search code would be embedded in almost all search engines and that many businesses will also use the open source materials to create new products.

Yahoo is to benefit in the deal by not only giving a helping hand to revolutionize search industry but also by putting up its own adds in exchange for the services that it gives out.