See the MWg Zinc II unboxed in our video

As you can imagine, if it runs Windows Mobile, we've used it! So it takes a lot to impress.

The MWg Zinc II doesn't disappoint, and with a very high standard of manufacturing quality combined with classy looks, bags of technical features and a touch interface that doesn't slow the device to a crawl like other recent devices, it really does deserve your attention.

I am not completely Windows Mobile biased - I've been using an Apple iPhone for 6 months and am quite happy with it, but I used to use a HTC TyTN (also known as the i-mate JASJAM) and really miss a full, hardware-based thumb keyboard.

Check out the video of the MWg Zinc II on Youtube - after my hiatus from Windows Mobile devices this really is a welcome return.

And MWg are offering UK customers £50 cash back if you purchase your MWg Zinc II in July!

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