42 Million UK TVs Now Ready For Digital Era

New figures from the Office of Communications reveal that nearly 70 percent of UK's 60 million TV sets are currently receiving digital content either through cable, satellite or digital terrestrial (Freeview).

The growth was spurred by a drop in the cost of digital Freeview boxes, many of which can be had for under GBP 20, as well as the gradual conversion of secondary television (in the kitchen or in the children's rooms) sets to digital.

According to the Ofcom report, in the first three months of 2008, one in every eight households still did not have their main TV set converted to Digital, which is slightly worrying given the fact that the deadline for the analogue switch is so close - it started already on the 14th of November last year and should end in 2012.

Freeview still leads the way as the main provider of Digital content with more than 23 million units sold until now, with 3 million devices sold in the first three months of 2008.

Sky's Satellite TV services comes second with more than 8 million subscribers while cable TV users, mainly from Virginmedia, accounted for 3.5 million households.

There's further growth expected from the Freesat initiative spearheaded by BBC and ITV with already 720,000 households are using free satellite service as their primary TV platform.