AMD's Phenom X4 9360e and 9950

AMD just released three new Phenom processors, geared towards the high end in the form of the X4 9950, and the low end, using a 65W power envelope as selling point under the model numbers X4 9350e and X4 9150e.

At 2.6 GHz, the X4 9950 is the fastest Phenom ever released, surpassing the 9850 Black Edition by 100 MHz and finally fulfilling the promise made with the early 9900 that never saw the light of the channel.

At 65 W TDP, the "e" series sets new records in actual power draw for quad core CPUs but are the numbers low enough to make up for reduced performance when it comes to actual energy efficiency?

Finally, with a little help from Anand's article, we were able to shed some light on some of the erratic performance numbers that have made our Phenom benchmarking life miserable from the beginning.

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