BA First To Cash In On Apple's iPhone Apps Platform

Heathrow Resident British Airways has revealed that it has developed a flight booking application that will take advantage of the new 3G iPhone inherent capabilities and will enable travellers to have access to flight departure and arrival information in real-time.

The application, which is free from Apple's App store via iTunes will also allow users to save their favourite flights, which can come handy to track these Airmiles.

BA's CIO, Paul Coby, said that "The iPhone is revolutionising mobile communications and allows us to provide instant access to arrivals and departures information which will enhance the experience of travelling with BA. We're always seeking to improve the service our customers enjoy by the smart use of innovative technology and the iPhone is a fantastic way to achieve this."

The App Store is only compatible with the new iPhone though; but this should not be an issue since upgrades are available for as little as £99 to existing users.

Expect other airlines for follow BA's lead and release applications not only for the iPhone but also for other platforms.

The 3G iPhone is noticeably faster than its predecessor when it comes to data transfer and incorporates GPS features.