Blackberry iPhone-killer Thunder Pictures Appear On The Web

A brand new virtual keyboard; that's how RIM plans to counteract the 3G iPhone when it releases its Blackberry Thunder smartphone in the next few weeks. has managed to get two pictures of the Thunder and although RIM has confirmed that the screen will feature feedback/haptic technology, moving from a physical keyboard to a virtual one could leave some hardcore users wanting for more.

Crackberry also managed to get a few more glimpses at the feature list which will also include multi-touch and a screen made out of glass (rather than toughened plastic) as well as RIM OS version 4.7.

The Thunder will come with Apple's own Webkit internet browser and will come with some features that Apple is sorely missing like the ability to copy/paste text and which could potentially hinder its ability to tackle RIM in the corporate market.

Boy Genius Report published details of the Blackberry Thunder back in June.

There are also rumours of a Clamshell Blackberry which have been floating around.