Comscore Stats Confirm that 3G iPhone Will Be Killer Platform For Net

Google is not the only one to love Apple's iPhone capacity to glue users to their web browser; research company Comscore is also reporting that more than 80 percent of iPhone users in key markets like UK, France and Germany are using their devices to surf the net compared to a mere 32 percent of other smartphone users (who apparently use it for texting and phone calls).

Comscore found that iPhone users are 13 times more likely to visit social networking websites like Facebook or Myspace compared to the industry average of 3 percent; the same trend is replicated when it comes to email; more than two thirds of iPhone users have sent or received emails from their devices compared to a mere 7.6 for the rest of the mobile market overall.

And there's no wonder that Google absolutely craves for the Apple's phone as the iPhone users are 11 times more likely to perform a search query from their phones compared to the rest of the market.

Since Comscore performed the survey before the release of the new iPhone, chances are that a new survey will show that the 3G iPhone should perform much better than the old version, since it is equiped with a faster 3G connection and will be subsidised.

"Our data confirm that the iPhone and its requisite data plan have succeeded in drawing consumers to the mobile Web," said Paul Goode, senior analyst at Comscore , "Even without 3G networking, users are happy to browse and consume as much content as they can, and as soon as the data speeds improve, these figures will likely continue to increase."