Internet Usage Via Mobile Gaining Currency Thanks to Nokia Users

A recent survey of 16 countries conducted by Nielsen Mobile, has revealed that internet usage via mobile has registered a significant rise across both sides of the Atlantic.

UK has exhibited notable rise in mobile internet surfing, with 12.9% of it users using their mobile phones for browsing web, while US outscored UK with 15.6%.

Surprisingly, iPhone users are pipped to the post by Nokia users as the most popular web browsing platforms although Nielsen did not provide with more information about surfing time.

People usually access emails, look for weather forecasts, and visit portal websites, with their mobile devices; Yahoo! Mail alone has as many as 14 million monthly hits in US, through mobile phones.

Brits more often use Nokia N70 and Nokia N95 for browsing web, whereas Motorola RAZR is the most common handset being used in the US, the study reported.

Mobile advertising is on hike in UK with 28% of its user have already observed advertisements on their handsets, and have 60% more propensity towards the ads than an average user.

Nielsen Mobile have stated that there is still a wide range of improvements that need to be done for publishers, marketers, etc in increasing the mobile broadband speeds, as people are used to higher speeds on their PCs.