iPhone 3G hacked within 24 hours

It seems that, despite all the bluster on the part of Apple, it took the cracking community around 24 hours over the weekend to unlock the iPhone 3G from the AT&T network.

Reports on Middle Eastern newswires suggest that cracked iPhone 3Gs are about to go on active sale at selected dealers in the region, although at quite high prices, as you'd expect.

According to the UAE newswires, the iPhone Dev Team, a Web community for phone hackers, announced an updated version of its phone-cracking software that runs on the new iPhone 3G, over the weekend.

Mind you, from what I understand, it's now possible to use a SuperSIM that is essentially an ultra-thin sleeve into which you slip an regular SIM, and which allows most mobiles - allegedly including the iPhone 3G - to be fooled into thinking they are still on their home network.

Considering that these so-called SuperSIMs cost around a tenner, I think they offer excellent value for money - especially to iPhone 3G owners...