MyConnection Server NetworkCenter 8.0e

Measure the quality and performance of Internet connections for Voice over IP (VoIP) applications

MyConnection Server (MCS) broadband testing software enables businesses to test connections for bandwidth speeds and connection quality for time critical applications such as VoIP, Video conferencing and IPTV.

MCS helps organizations to assess networks for deployment of new/additional services, and identify and resolve last mile customer connectivity problems with little demand for the customer to assist in the resolution process. A network-route testing component details the path of the connections and where packet loss and latency occur, including discovery of multiple routes to a destination.

Remote Test Agents enable technical staff to customize and interactively manage the bandwidth testing process, and perform extended quality testing over hours or days to address and resolve intermittent problems as required.

Satellite Servers establish additional connection testing points at the application edge to accurately test actual application network paths.

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