Orange Teams With Pen Manufacturer BIC To Launch the Bic Phone

Orange is teaming with BIC to release a back-to-basics Phone called the Bic Phone which will complement BIC's range of disposable pens, lighters and ... razors.

The brightly coloured phone - either orange or lime green with white - will be available in a blister pack, fully charged and with 60 minutes worth of talk credit and is not intended to be a disposable phone - that would be a bad marketing idea in times of "green enlightenment".

There are a couple of niggling issues: the phone itself is relatively expensive compared to others on the market; for the price, 49 Euros, you can get a nice cameraphone with even more than 60 minutes worth of credit though the mobicarte refill pack.

Furthermore, the number associated with the phone is valid for only 12 months from the time the phone is activated and customers must identify themselves to Orange service agents to use all 60 minutes credit available (10 minutes immediately available and 50 more minutes through registration).

The phone can only be used for calling and texting or to listen to FM radio and should provide prospective customers with at lest 4 hours worth of calls.