Oyster Card System Crash Leaves Thousands Stranded During Morning Rush

Thousands of Oyster Card users should brace themselves for a nightmarish start of the week as they return to work as they won't be able to use their cards after a glitch downed the system on Saturday morning for five hours.

This meant that many were allowed to travel for free on London Tube system, Tram and Dockland Light Railways; Bus users were welcomed with a "free travel" sign when boarding buses.

The BBC reports that cards that were used at that time either no longer worked since then or have been fined and charged the maximum amount.

To add to the confusion, the Inquirer understands that many drivers accepted oyster cards after the official deadline which might have made things worse as buses need to return to their garage to get their system reset or modified.

Transport for London (TFL) has since apologised for the issue saying that passengers who have been overcharged or fined can pay a visit to their local ticket shop for a refund or to have their cards checked although some will be issued automatic refunds as from Tomorrow.

It is only the second time - the last one happened in 2006- since the Oyster card system was introduced in 2003 that such a fault has occurred.