That’s All Folks : A Last Post from FIRST 2008

Well that’s your lot for now, podcast and blog wise.

I’ll occasionally be checking in and perhaps if the guys at ITProportal let me, even publish a few more rants and podcasts here.

Do email me if you would like to contribute a blog to this area.

And of course, remember to reserve your seat for FIRST 2009 in Kyoto.

Working in the admin office, I can tell you that both the FIRST committee and the venue organisers, CAPS, were very excited about Kyoto and what will be happening at the FIRST 2009 conference.

My thanks to:-

- All the committee members who were very welcoming and accommodating.

- The staff at CAPS who made it easy for me to get about and sorted me out on the many occasions when I was lost.

- The guys at BT, Ray Stanton, Tom Mullen, Toby Weir and Graeme Shinnie who made after conference hours fun for me.