BBC playing to ISP pressure with iPlayer?

Interesting to read that the Beeb is still working on the download version of the iPlayer although, reading between the lines, it has more to do with satisfying ISP pressure rather than customer convenience.

Several ISPs I've spoken to in recent weeks have indicated that their networks are being swamped with iPlayer streaming and, whilst it isn't a major problem yet, it's clearly slowing down some traffic at peak times.

The iPlayer, in fact, has opened a Pandora's box for t'Internet as punters are streaming more and more data, now they have a taste for it - all thanks to the Beeb!

According to reports on the Digital Spy forums, the Beeb's next-gen iPlayer will allow punters to schedule downloads in the future, effectively spreading the downloads for better overall transmission.

That should please most ISPs, from what I understand.

It should also be good for punters who are on capped broadband packages, as a growing number of ISPs are following's lead in allowing unlimited downloads in the wee small hours.

The only question, of course, is whether the great unwashed will leave their PCs on overnight to download their iPlayer traffic. Some education needed, I suspect...