Bose in-ear Headphones

Many people's first experience of 'proper' noise cancelling headphones will have come courtesy of a pair of Bose cans, supplied to cancel out the hum of aeroplane engines in business class.

Bose has been involved in the technology for some years now and seems to have the airline business well and truly sewn up.

I've also seen its earbuds bundled with some MP3 players: the Samsung T10 for instance has a decent pair of Bose phones included.

But strangely it hasn't yet gone for the biggest growing sector of the headphone market - in-ear headphones - in a particularly big way.

In fact it currently only has one pair of headphones in this sector - the Bose in-ear headphones - and these represent a pretty an odd way of dipping the corporate toe into these highly competitive waters.

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