BT Releases New Home Hub Router With Support For 802.11n and added security

BT has presented a new version of its Home Hub broadband router, which is said to use 802.11 n Wi-Fi technology.

The company has claimed that the new router would be much better off in various aspects, including, easy installation, simplified parental controls, and power saving options.

In addition to these, the new router would encrypt Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) as its default security protocol, instead of Wireless Equivalency Protocol (WEP), installed in its previous versions.

John Petter, BT’s Managing Director of Retail Consumer, have stated that the new Hub would give more coverage area to its customers at their homes, or even at some ‘difficult-to-reach areas’.

The ‘n’ standard of wireless technology would provide better access and quality to users, than its predecessors, ‘b’ and ‘g’ versions, Petter stated.

The new Home Hub will be free for the customers who sign up to Option 3 or 4 contract of BT Total Broadband, whereas the customers, who have signed the Option 2, would require paying £40 for phone.