Casio Introduces The EX-Z150, A Slim Camera With A 3-inch LCD Screen

Casio has launched the newest camera in its Exilim range, the EX-Z150, which is just 18.9mm to 20.1 mm thick.

In the age of “thin is in”, Casio takes the aphorism further with its new camera EX-Z150.

Cameras offered by the Exilim range of Casio were always a slim beauty, but the EX-Z150, with its maximum thickness at 20.1 mm makes it the world’s slimmest camera.

With its 4x optical zoom, 8.1 megapixels, 3 inch LCD display, and 28mm wide-angle lens, the camera can pack a mean punch with its slim body.

In addition, the camera comes with 22 preset shooting modes for photographs, and a YouTube mode for videos; along with these features, standard camera features like anti-shake and face detection put the EX-Z150 at par with any other standard digital camera in the market.

Those who want to take video clips can also do so with the camera’s 640 x 480 pixels resolution at frame rate of 30 rates per second.

The images are stored onto a SDHC memory cards and 18MB of built in flash memory is available also; the camera is available in silver, black red, pink and green colours.